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Iron Kingdoms 4e Resources

by on Jun.29, 2009, under 4e D&D

RPG Blog Carnival

RPG Blog Carnival

Just sliding in under the gun, here is my entry in the Steampunk RPG Blog Carnival, being put on by Mad Brew. When putting together my last game prior to the launch of 4e, my players decided to go with an Iron Kingdoms game. It was an intriguing setting that I’d never played so I was game. Unfortunately we only play once a month at most so it wasn’t too long before 4e came out and I was hooked. Deciding not to abandon the campaign we’d already started and given that the characters were all still 1st level we converted. It wasn’t too difficult to find resources on Privateer Press’ boards for fan conversions.

So for the carnival I thought I’d post up some links and feedback on the resources I found and how they played in the game before it ended in a TPK (my only one ever). Though it is a story for another day, I will say that it was not because of the 4e Iron Kingdoms fan resources used.

Trollkin ~ link

Trollkin were one of the easier conversions but I think Steamworks over at Privateer Press’ boards did a great job of bringing in the eating habits of these big thugs and their survivability. Their powers seem a little too close to dwarves in the end, but definitely playable.  Our player didn’t take it but a feat that grants 5 temp hit points for every healing surge spent seems like a bit much. I think I’d tone that down a bit, but overall well done.

Gun Mage ~ link

Gun mages are definitely one of the coolest elements of the setting and one of my players definitely wanted to keep that style of character in the conversion.  Again Steamworks came through with what I found was the most balanced conversion of the class.  There are a number (you can find them in the general list of links below) but his was well put together.  The damage is a little on the high side but overall it was balanced in play as an Arcane Striker. The class has only been built for heroic play but in the end that was perfect for our use.

Firearms ~ link

I’m not sure if Scott’s work was out while we were playing, but having seen a number of firearms rules I think those he posted at A Butterfly Dreaming are the best available.  They are balanced, creative, and definitely useful. I will likely include them in my Zobeck clockwork game in the near future.

General Link List

Steampunk has definitely invaded my gaming group as they are all enjoying games in that vein. Despite the lack of official or 3rd party published resources, there is a large fan following. I’m sure that many more blog posts will join those resources in this month’s carnival roundup.

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  1. Jens Alm

    Nice list of resources! I’ve got some rules on black powder weapons over at my blog, though I haven’t expanded on them for a couple of months due to personal reasons. Take a look at:

    .-= Jens Alm´s last blog ..The Gunmage IV – Daily Powers, lvl 1 =-.

  2. Jens Alm

    Also, a take on the gunmage btw, but only lvl 1 finished.
    .-= Jens Alm´s last blog ..The Gunmage IV – Daily Powers, lvl 1 =-.

  3. Chris Cumming

    Excellent stuff Jens, thanks for the links. I’ll have to have a more thorough read. I really like the dwarven gunners!

  4. Steampunk & Klokwerks Roundup | Mad Brew Labs

    [...] 1001 Bobs gives shares some excellent resources for converting the awesome Iron Kingdoms setting to D&D 4e, including stuff for the Gun Mage! [...]

  5. Volin

    You may have a look over at our site if you want some more 4th edition IK stuff. I know this blog entry is a little old, but if you’re checking it, some of this stuff may be useful for you. :)

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