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Free RPG Day

by on Jun.21, 2009, under News, Reviews & Culture

Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day was held on June 20 this year. This was the first year that I was able to enjoy the day as it has not been supported outside the States before.  Here in Vancouver there were several stores who had received packages from the fine people running Free RPG Day. I went out to my FLGS, Imperial Hobbies, in Richmond in the late afternoon.

Even with the late time I managed to pick up quite a few products all of them phenomenal. From Keith Barker’s Eberron Adventure to a Rogue Trader introduction, all great promotional material.

WotC – D&D 4E – Khyber’s Harvest ~ link

Alright I’ll admit that this was the product I was most looking forward to. Keith Baker has put together a great 2nd level adventure in 4E Eberron in Khyber’s Harvest. During a conjunction between Mabar and Xoriat, Cultists of the Dragon Below attempt to open a gateway to Khyber. Your party must thwart their intentions before something from below emerges to devour the Shadow Marches. The adventure also came with a full Dungeon Tile as well depicting a Dragonmark-like symbol on a dungeon floor and purple crystals on a bare earthen floor on the other side.

Goodman Games – D&D 4E – Immortal Heroes/Hearts of Chaos ~ link

The Immortal Heroes section of this flip book presents 9 epic destinies by Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel the editor in chief of Goodman Games’ Level Up! magazine.  They run the gambit from Archfiend to Radiant Master to Sidhe.  The other side is a preview adventure of Goodman Games’ upcoming Amethyst RPG that uses 4E rules in a modern setting that has collided with the Fantastical.  Magic, monsters, and machine guns all feature strongly in this new game coming in September.

Paizo Publishing – PFRPG – Bonus Bestiary ~ link

With Pathfinder RPG launching at Gencon this year, Paizo has released teasers of changes made to characters but this is the first preview of creatures created under the new rules. Pathfinder RPG is one of the most anticipated releases this year with over 50,000 people participating in the Open Beta test over the past year. The bestiary includes creatures like the Allip, Dragonne, and Shadow Mastiff all with incredibly high quality presentation as we’ve come to expect from Paizo.  The interesting parts come not only in the stats revealed but the introduction detailing how the new rules apply like Combat Maneuver Bonus and Defence and diseases and poisons.

Fantasy Flight – Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader – Forsaken Bounty ~ link

I’ve not had the chance to play the Warhammer 40K RPG yet, but I used to play the miniatures games fanatically for several years during university. The Rogue Trader RPG looks fascinating, putting characters in the position of merchants and traders on the fringes of the empire.  The preview also contains the short adventure Forsaken Bounty in which characters are given salvage rights to the Emperor’s Bounty, a vessel lost in the Maw.

White Wolf – Geist the Sin-Eaters – Quickstart Rules and Adventure ~ link

Again showing my recent monogamous gaming habits, I’ve not had the opportunity to play any of the new World of Darkness games despite having enjoyed Vampire, Werewolf and Mage in the past.  Geist is a game featuring people who’ve thwarted death just before passing over in a Faustian bargain with spirits or geists.  Those geists demand the saved allow them to ride along in a symbiotic relationship with the Sin-Eater. Also included is an adventure ‘The Return of Mr. Monster’ for the game.

Mongoose Publishing – Paranoia – Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Alpha Complex ~ link

Are there ever a lot of great games from back in the day being given new life. Mongoose Publishing has been publishing many Paranoia supplements and included this small digest sized introduction to the game.  Commie Mutant Traitors beware, the Computer’s Troubleshooters are being given higher and higher levels of access in order to track you down. Infiltrators beware should the Computer’s agents get wind of your treachery.

Imperial Hobbies – d6 ~link

My local FLGS is great. Not one to miss out on the marketing opportunity they created several d6s with their name and phone number on them.  A nice little touch to be sure, though my wife has claimed mine :)

I have no idea if there were more companies participating in the event, but I had a great time. I appreciate the marketing effort that went into all of these top notch products and I’m sure I’ll give some of them a shot.  I hope that this event continues in Canada every year.

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  1. Emryys

    Hey BtBB,

    Imperial does do a great job on these promotions. I was running some 4E LFR in the back room and talked to quite a few folks, even parents bringing the little kobolds in to check out some RPG’s… Good Times! :)

  2. Chris Cumming

    Thanks Emryys, indeed Imperial is definitely my favorite FLGS in the Vancouver area. My little guy is 4, so a little young yet to be enjoying D&D yet.

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