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by on May.18, 2009, under Play By Post

It’s been a harried couple of weeks that have left me without time to blog about what I haven’t had time to read.  This week is going to be different, I’ve got the time and I’m going to get back into the swing of things.  I’ll not try to play catch up but will continue forward with a look at the week prior.  This being Sunday, I’ve got something new for you.

Play by Post (PbP) is a unique gaming experience, one full of fun, excitement, and sometimes frustration.  I’ve been playing PbP for about 7 years now, largely over at ENWorld’s fantastic PbP community.  I’ll go through a few of the attractions of the format and how it is different from many other forms of gaming, and I’ll touch on a few tricks of the trade so to speak.

PbP is played on message boards and as such is similar to Play by Email in that a DM will post to the game and all of the players have time to put together their responses.  PbP allows both players and DMs time to craft a response and deliver top notch roleplaying and well thought out tactics.

It can, however, be very slow moving.  In steady games, leveling takes about 6 months to a year if at all.  Many DMs and players do not have the stamina to stick it through and fade away. But there are many communities that provide support for DMs to continue delivering quality games.

At ENWorld, community members have formed persistent Living Worlds that have some similarities with the organized play several companies put on. Similar in that all of the games take place in a shared world with consistent characters who can adventure together through a series of games with a variety of DMs.  Not so similar in that it is more loosely organized and DMs are free to run what ever adventures they want.

Living ENWorld (a 3.5 shared world), Living 4th Edition (a 4e shared world), Living Eberron (a 3.5 Eberron setting), and Living Superheroes (a M&M world) all embrace different shared worlds where a number of games are being run concurrently.  In addition there are the general PbP forums where people gather in all sorts of games together.

One of the most important things to remember if you are going to get in to PbP is to post. Keep posting and the games will stay alive.  So many people fade away because they lack the commitment. Have that and you are all set.

I’ll come back to more tips such as in character vs. out of character discussion, mapping techniques, and more next time.

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  1. Chris Cumming

    A quick update to the above, the Living Eberron group at EnWorld’s PbP boards is moving to 4e. Come join us today!

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